Angry Miami football fan calls out Millwall firm

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24 Mar 2020

THIS is the hilariously cringeworthy moment a wannabe Miami FC hooligan called out Millwall's "firm" for a scrap.

The American has threatened to spark an unlikely rivalry after posting a video on social media demanding a confrontation with "the hardest hooligan firm in all of England".

During a spectacular two minute 20 second rant, in which the supporter looks like he had just watched the hooligan film Green Street, he said: "I hear what you've been saying about Miami Casuals, I hear what you've been saying about south Florida."

He then goes on to rage: "To me United is the biggest, the baddest and the best and I'm with United, you understand?"

As his face gets redder with fury, he threatens to "disband the entire Millwall firm" when he arrives.

The Miami fan then questions why the Championship side have never ventured down to south Florida "or anywhere else in the country and done anything".

He further sends out an invitation to arrange a ten verses ten fight but "not in the UK because they have everything too tight over there".

The bizarre clip continues to go viral online and of course Twitter users have been quick to mock the guy.

One fan uploaded a picture of Only Fools and Horses duo Del Boy and Rodney in Florida with the caption: "Millwall heading to Miami..."

By Richard Forrester

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